Dual Nature Human

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Know Thyself

Very simply, Dual Nature Human is about exploring language, how it shapes the way we think about ourselves in the world and how that language manifests as action. I explore philosophy, science, mysticism, the occult, myth, and dreams to synthesize a philosophy around this idea that is tailored towards women. Life is the story you tell yourself, but the stories around what it means to be woman today are shadows of the once revered wild, chaotic divine feminine in each of us. Therefore, this site is also dedicated to imagining better narratives about women and men, wellness and illness, civilization and nature.

Dual Nature Human is also dedicated to encouraging self-care and empowerment, particularly for those in recovery. It documents my own recovery from addiction and the management of a rare mood disorder called cyclothymia, in an attempt to display some of those parts of human nature that are less desirable, perhaps, but nonetheless normal. I hold that no doctrine or discipline is more convincing to the human than the human heart, and so subscribe to that language as well as I can.

Be well humans. All my love.

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