My doggo has been sick for a couple days, so she and I have been up all night making sure she gets her business taken care of outside. She’s getting old and people food is now officially off the menu in all regards. I’m standing out there with her in the middle of the night wondering if there’s something I’ve done to manifest this, but sometimes a sick dog is just a sick dog who needs some love and care.

That being said, today is a follow up on the “do what you want and you will get what you want” spiel, adding a further layer of complexity to this beginning bud stage of what we call manifestation.

The basic principle of manifestation is that one receives what one puts out. The pioneers of the law of attraction in this age were Abraham and Esther Hicks with their channeled messages from a group of non-physical entities called Abraham. You can listen to their channeled messages on their website, on Youtube, or echoed in any modern practitioner’s philosophies. Their teachings were the basis of the movie The Secret, an oversimplified and fluffy introduction of to a concept that is actually a bit more complex.

I take what I will from philosophers and gurus and teachers, never comfortable with accepting any one person’s teachings as fully truthful or accurate, but one of the things that remains true for the law of attraction, or rule of three as it’s known in wicca, is that we attract experiences into our life via emotion.

Here’s the rub…

Our culture has suppressed us emotionally, told us to suck it up, and now we are a bunch of emotionally unintelligent people so we keep accidentally attracting all the things we fear or have suppressed. I believe learning to identify, own up to, and heal one’s emotions is the most important task granted to human beings today because I also believe that if multiple religions and teachings and philosophies over centuries and various cultures state that we get what we put out, perceive, and feel, that there’s probably something very valid about the idea.

That and I’ve practiced manifestation and emotional body healing and I will tell you from personal experience, healing emotional wounds changes the emotional landscape and changing the emotional landscape changes the physical, mental, and spiritual landscapes. The difference between trying to change one’s circumstances and trying to change one’s perspective on and responses to one’s circumstances is the difference between the finger pointing at the moon and the moon itself.

It might be argued (and this is a doctrine I hold to as a practice to do no harm) that all desire to change external circumstance is a reflection of resistance within. Surrendering to this resistance by allowing for what is to be with acceptance, absolves us of the root feeling of the desire to change the external circumstance.

Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher who has many, many resources for emotional body healing. I highly recommend using them and I highly recommend approaching her teachings with a Buddha-like objectivity since too much attachment to any one person’s works or teachings is essentially and exercise in occultism.

Here are the nuts and bolts as I understand them. Feelings are like frequencies. As we walk through life, we collect experiences that offer us feelings around which we create narratives that influence how we perceive the world around us. If we have a collection of experiences that are good, it’s easy to have a good outlook. If we have a collection of experiences that are not so good…well, it’s much more difficult to have a healthy outlook.

Mentally we can do our best to train ourselves into objectivity by understanding psychology, how people work, how we work, going to talk therapy, reading up on why people do awful things to each other and why people are good to each other. The collection of experiences we endure called life becomes a narrative around which we start to understand ourselves in the context of the world and our meaning in it.

If those experiences are primarily negative and we have not managed to find a means of becoming useful within the context of our community or family unit, the responsibility of the individual is to generate meaning enough that one can continue on at least without being a burden upon the existence of others.

The language and tone of this language is very masculine. It reeks of strength and endurance, a scale of strong and weak, of more or less, black or white.

Here instead:

If those experiences are primarily negative and we have not managed to find a means of becoming actualized within the context of our community or family, the responsibility of the individual is to watch, learn, and listen, feel the flow of the existence of others, and surrender to it.

Reading is an excellent way to understand people and different ways of thinking and is therefore also an excellent way to nurture and cultivate compassion.

We can try to reconcile with, punish, reinforce or change our behavior and that of others, but what we are ultimately aiming for is a place where everyone feels good. This is civility. Peace on earth. Etc.

People are not going to feel good until we learn how to feel.

And until we learn how to feel good within ourselves, we will try to change the world around us or will look to what is outside us to satisfy, to make us feel better, and so we buy things and vacation and enact laws that enforce a patriarchal Christian viewpoint on a nation that could probably use some archetypal divine feminine nurturing.  

When we feel trauma and suppress trauma, we hold that trauma and continue to manifest instances in our lives that reflect that trauma until we learn to face it…facing it meaning sitting with the emotion of it. These experiences are most commonly reflected in our relationships with others. An example I think many of us can relate to is in dating: Have you ever been or seen the person who dates different kinds of people but always ends up in the same kind of relationship? The common denominator is you, and yet you can’t understand why this shit keeps happening?

What a lot of people fail to mention regarding the law of attraction is this initial first step of getting good with yourself as absolutely necessary for conscious manifestation and then people go to try and manifest and think it’s bullshit when it doesn’t work. You can spend all your conscious energy, for example, telling yourself you want a big house and aiming for that, but if there’s a subconscious part of you that believes you don’t deserve it or aren’t worth it, that is the energy you are putting out into the world and you are going to keep not getting a big house. Even if you do get a big house, that subconscious part of you that believes you’re unworthy haunts the happiness you hoped to gain. I’m in the life I’ve been dreaming up since I was a dreamer, for example, but still have depression and anxiety that must be managed. It doesn’t matter what you manifest: If you are not good with you, that energy will poison the wellspring of your life. The only antidote is self-love.

On the word energy: Considering that matter vibrates at a frequency which allows it to hold shape, that frequencies change the shape and patterns of matter on the molecular level, and that we are made of matter, is it not reasonable to argue that thoughts and music (aka: frequencies…frequencies that we are able to CONSCIOUSLY CREATE with our mind brains people!) might affect the matter we are made of and the matter we come into contact with? Check out Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous experiments on the effects of sound on water molecules here if you’d like a better and inspiring example of what I’m talking about. Also, is it not kind of ironic that EMOTE is in his last name.

The etymology of emotion

“emotion (n.) 1570s, “a (social) moving, stirring, agitation,” from Middle French émotion (16c.), from Old French emouvoir “stir up” (12c.), from Latin emovere “move out, remove, agitate,” from assimilated form of ex “out” (see ex-) + movere “to move” (from PIE root *meue- “to push away”). Sense of “strong feeling” is first recorded 1650s; extended to any feeling by 1808.”

Emotions are a reflection of how we move through, affect, and are affected by the world.

Google search says:

“e·mo·tion/əˈmōSH(ə)n/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.”

We have a whole lovely cache of subconscious fears and programming to dig into in order to understand what frequencies (emotions) we’re putting out and we must learn to embrace and change that programming, but how do we do that if emotions are formed by encountering circumstances, relationships, and moods, all things that seem to be outside of us or our control? All we can do is take responsibility for ourselves, our own actions, and our own reactions to the aforementioned stimuli.

Think about it.

My personal triggers are around fear of being cheated on. An ex cheated and it fucked me up. Afterwards, I suspected every boyfriend of cheating or being capable of it. I realized this was a story that was causing me to act towards them as though they were cheating whether or not they were. So I was creating a circumstance that was lose lose. I had to choose to embrace trust, jump into that fear, and stop telling that story by telling another one. You are loved. This person loves you.

It sounds like a lie at first.

Imagine that.

The story we tell ourselves about our experiences and our actions influence our perception of the world and people in it, which therefore influences how they react to us. Because emotions are instinctive, many of these exchanges of signals and reactions are so subtle, we are not aware of them. The more tuned in you are to your own and others’ emotions, the more apparent these signals become.

Here’s an exercise:

  • Write down something you’d like to manifest in your life.
  • Now, without thinking about it, write down all the reasons you want this thing in your life now.
  • Once you’re done with that, write down how you will feel when you have this thing.
  • Write down how you feel now.
  • What is the difference between what you are feeling now and what you imagine you will feel like when you have managed to manifest this thing?
  • The discrepancy between these emotions is the distance between you and manifesting your goal.
  • The only thing that stands between these two emotions is you. You have to figure out what the point of resistance is.
  • Release it.

In practice, this looks like deciding not to go through my boyfriend’s phone when my mind starts to wander there. I’ve looked a million times and there’s nothing to find. DJ is faithful and my rational mind, when in shows up, knows this. My paranoia is deeper than I thought. My mind wanders there now out of habit, I’m realizing, which is sad. My self-esteem is pretty fucked then. Instead of being a nosy stalker and staying fixed in the distrust some asshole left in me, I’m deciding he doesn’t get to have that part of my life anymore. Imagine that.

Here is where I can do something about something. When that energy comes up again, even if my most passionate instinct says I must act on my distrust, I must NOT. Over and over and over. If I feel like going through his phone, what’s more, I know the root cause is insecurity, so instead, I do something to bolster my self-esteem. Go running, cook and eat a good meal, shower and do my nails. I’m consciously reinforcing the opposite This is the act of changing one’s habits, which changes one’s beliefs, which changes one’s emotions, which influence thought and action.

I may even go so far as to say that for this reason, beliefs are powerful. They shape us, our interactions, and our worlds.

It’s much harder to believe you are going to be successful when there is nothing in your life to encourage you than it is if you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

I might even go so far as to say that imagination shapes reality and many of us have simply never dared to imagine better. Hope takes courage and resolve and faith. Therefore to manifest requires a strong heart and mind.

The closer you can align your emotions with the perceived emotion of receiving what you are manifesting, the more in alignment you will be with the manifested frequency. The law of attraction basically posits that we are tuning forks, that the tune is our emotional frequency, and that our conscious thoughts can change those frequencies.

So how do you begin to change your own mind if you are working from your own limited experience and perspective?

You must look at those experiences which formed your mind to begin with and change your mind about them. This is emotional body healing.

  • I encourage you to start by sitting in whatever emotion you are in right now. Breathe it in. Gently ask yourself when the first time you felt that emotion was. Sit with your eyes closed. Go back to the last time you felt this way. The time before that. The time before that. All the way back until you meet yourself experiencing this emotion for the very first time.
  • When did you first feel this emotion?
  • What did you need in this moment?
  • Picture your present self offering this past self exactly what you needed in that moment.

What happens when we do this is we create a mental landscape that allows us to learn the lessons from difficult experiences with a healthy cognitive distance. It also allows us to see where we are and how far we’ve come, that we are not our experiences, and that emotions are intensely powerful influences in our lives which can positively or negatively steer the course. It is up to us to take the wheel and drive and this exercise gives us a test run in taking the wheel.  

Whatever you are manifesting, may you start simple, may you love yourself, and may you always come from a place of love and the greatest good of all.

Also, keep in mind that you are as much a cause as an effect. What you eat, watch, think, love, spend time with, become you. If there are areas in your life that need some cleaning up, I encourage you to take those first steps today, even if all that means is figuring out how you feel.

Be well and in joy friends.

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