Shock and Awe: The Call to Adventure, The Hero Self

Image Credit: Before someone named it cyclothymia, I thought it was just an awareness of the seasons and life cycles of nature. In my blood I feel the frenetic energy of summer and the call to hybernation in winter, the preparation for the darkness in fall and the spike of seedling energy in theContinue reading “Shock and Awe: The Call to Adventure, The Hero Self”

The Power of Ritual and the Science of Intention

Ritual. The word connotes the occult, the weird, the religious, karma, fear. At least it did for me initially and does, currently, for many who do not intentionally practice or who fear the underworld currents of the old pagan ways brewing beneath the surface of the culture. There is a pagan counterculture dedicated to reclaimingContinue reading “The Power of Ritual and the Science of Intention”

Are Millennials the Hero Generation?

My sister and I were talking over the phone last night about finding meaning, “integrating work,” as Ms. White mentions above, with life, relationships, health, etc. in a purposeful and sustainable way. White mentions the boomers vs. millennial sentiments we see floating around the internet. You know the ones: that the boomers are always makingContinue reading “Are Millennials the Hero Generation?”