Shock and Awe: The Call to Adventure, The Hero Self

Image Credit: Before someone named it cyclothymia, I thought it was just an awareness of the seasons and life cycles of nature. In my blood I feel the frenetic energy of summer and the call to hybernation in winter, the preparation for the darkness in fall and the spike of seedling energy in theContinue reading “Shock and Awe: The Call to Adventure, The Hero Self”

Trust as a Radical Act of Self-Love

I have trust issues. I don’t know anyone without trust issues. I know very few people who are the kind to trust first. Personally, I don’t remember the last time I fully trusted anyone. This is the story I’m working with around trust. On the last day of rehab at Summit Eating Disorders and OutreachContinue reading “Trust as a Radical Act of Self-Love”